Monday, March 19, 2007

Why do health products get tied up in multi-level network marketing campaigns?

Some acquaintances of mine are very impressed with the IsaGenix product line. They think it's wonderful and keep saying it has made a great change in their life etc. They sent me some website links including an online movie, and I went to take a look. Expecting the movie to inform me of the benefits of the product, it instead informed me that health aids is expected to become a $1 trillion market very shortly and that if I wanted to get my piece of the pie, to live richly beyond my dreams, to have a McMansion in the suburbs and drive a Hummer, that I'd better join the IsaGenix sales team.

The movie told me all that while at the same time giving snippets of information about their product line. For example it's geared to removing toxins from the body and has a very strong weight-loss story. But the network marketing part of the movie intruded into selling me on the product and has me walking the other way wondering what they're thinking about.

This isn't the first time I've had this experience. Generally network marketing programs try to sell two things in the same sales pitch. They're selling both the product and the potential for individual business ownership selling the product. I've seen this same pattern over and over.

I've looked over the product and the ingredients seem about right. For weight loss their "Natural Accelerator" product depends on thermogenic supplements. The thermogenic approach is to increase metabolism levels through supplementing with an herb of some sort, they do not use Ephedra but instead use a variety of herbs such as Ginseng, Cinnamon, Cayenne pepper, etc. These are heating herbs which mean that they increase the inner heat or metabolism strength. The increased metabolism burns off fat.

So, once again we have something which may be a great product .. but to buy the product you have to go through this sales pitch about joining up to sell the product yourself. After all, you like the product, you think it's doing good things for you, so why don't you tell your friends about it and make a few bucks on the side.

I dunno about you .. but often when I go to the store to buy something, all I want to do is buy the thing. Opening a similar store just because I bought something at the store is the last thing on my mind, usually. And in any case my friends just might be turned off from being my friend if I'm always nagging them about this wondrous new product.

It seems such a shame to have good products buried inside network marketing programs.

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