Tuesday, February 13, 2007

On leg pain and self love

My leg pain and a healer is an interesting read about someone exploring the relative value of "normal medicine" (going to a doctor for pills or surgery etc) and seeing a spiritual healer. It was written by someone experiencing leg pain which worried him considerably. Thinking of mechanical causes he thought about poor circulation in his legs, and scheduled an appointment with a circulation specialist. As the appointment was far away he ended up going to a Healer who was able to help him, and who was able to pinpoint the cause being something other than poor circulation.

One thing it indicates is the natural abilities we have, if we were to open to them, to see more than the physical world leads us to believe is possible.

Reading this makes me think of an experience I had with leg pain, about a year ago.

23 years ago I was in a horrid car accident. The short story is I was standing behind a car, in a lane of traffic, rummaging in the trunk. At the time I worked as a tow truck driver and was getting ready to tow this car. It was late at night and that section of road has a confusing set of lights. While I was working a car slammed into me and the car behind which I was standing. The impact was strong enough to push the car into the back of my wrecker, and to push the wrecker forward six feet, despite the emergency brakes being engaged. My legs were at the point of impact and it is basically a miracle that I survived and can walk.

A year ago I had another round of strange leg pain. This is something that's come and gone since that accident, but this time it was nearly disabling, it felt so sharp. The leg pain would come on suddenly and didn't seem to have anything to do with how I was walking, how I sat, etc. One time I was walking around in a computer store pondering a purchase, and suddenly my legs were engulfed in horrendous pain so severe I could barely walk or think.

What I eventually learned to do was to "bring my heart into my hands" and hold my legs. Through a couple times doing this I began to experience the value of touching myself in a more loving way. That my legs had suffered greatly in that accident, and that they needed a soothing and loving embrace more than anything. Each time the pain dissipated almost immediately.

The experience led directly to developing the Inner Homeopathy practice. Inner Homeopathy is about connecting ones self up to their own power of love. It is through love that ones life can begin to transform and heal the pains one carries.

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