Friday, July 29, 2005

Review: Mary's Message to the World

It's interesting that I bought this book over 10 years ago, and remember it fondly, but having just picked it up again and leafed through the book I find it a little disturbing.

This book, Mary's Message to the World is channeled from the Mother Mary. You know, the one who gave supposedly virgin birth to Jesus. There's a long literature of people having visions of Mary, receiving messages and so forth. The young children of Fatima or the young children of Medjugorje come to mind, but they are not the first, nor will they be the last.

The author, Annie Kirkwood, at first felt astonished that Mary, the Mary, was coming to talk with her. But she received many messages making it clear she was in communication with the Mother Mary, and receiving wisdom and guidance from the Mother Mary.

Much of the book is full of very kind and heart-filled advice for living well and in a full-spirited way. It is really a very nice book.

However, where I am disturbed is the beginning part. The part in which Mary's predictions for the world are written. These predictions were given in the late 1980's and are about the "earth changes" due to begin in the early 1990's. With 10+ years of hindsight these predictions were anything but accurate.

The predictions talk of earthquakes and volcanoes appearing where earthquakes and volcanoes weren't appearing before. And that this would happen in 1990-1991. You can argue that there's some interesting earthquake activity this year, but in 1991? Further that by 1993 the sea levels would be rising so much that Florida would return to the ocean, and New York City would have to be evacuated. By 1993.

It's making it rather difficult to accept the very nice teachings in the rest of the book, knowing that the predictions in the beginning were so off the mark.

Having studied channeling, quantum physics, probability, and the like, my mind knows an answer to this dilemna. If someone were to look into the future, they see probabilities. There's events that are highly likely, and other events that are rather unlikely. Quantum physics is all about how the world only has a probability to exist, however in practice it's somewhere around 99.999% likely that your car will be in the driveway in the morning (unless someone steals it).

But consider the plight of the poor psychic. They see what they see, but what they see is only one of the many probabilities. Is the world going to follow the line they see? Or is the world going to follow a different line, and come to a different set of events?

Is the calamities which Annie Kirkwood saw, or were shown by the Mother Mary, were they truly going to happen by 1993? Or will they happen later? For example one might think the current strange weather that's happening fits the predictions better than did the events of 1990-1993. Or will those predictions happen at all?

For example channeled messages come through the human vessel that receives those messages. It's well known that the spiritual clarity of the channeler affects the clarity of the channeling.

For example, consider this section I flipped to at random in the middle of the book.

Some people have a problem in thinking of God as personal and yet impersonal. God is very personal and very much a part of you. Do you not see this now? Do you not realize how personal He is? How much more personal can He be than a part of each of your cells, of each chemical function, and of each mental function? How wonderful to know that no one is a clone or a robot. Every person is a special free being, capable and able to make all choices. Each individual is free to create or destroy his physical life, time and again. A clean slate comes with each lifetime and a new chance to recify your mistakes. All events and actions become lessons, even illness. Even though God is in each cell and is part of each function, He does not impose his will on you. This, dear ones, is LOVE!

Now, this paragraph conveys a very high teaching. One that the Christian churches does not recognize. That the truth of the universe is that the universe is all one being.

So it is with a mixed mind that I recommend this book. As I said, it is full of very nice thoughts.