Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Decisions don't become REAL until you act on the decision

Are you pondering a life changing decision?  To move somewhere, change career, etc?  Maybe you have already made your decision but have changed nothing as yet.  For example maybe you're still in your soul crushing job "waiting for the right time" to make your move and change things around.  Let me ask, if you've made your decision but not acted on that decision, have you really decided?

Once you act on a decision all the effects of that decision come clear.  It is when you act that you commit your self and your life to the consequences of your action.  By acting on a decision you have committed yourself to that decision.  Until you do act on the decision it's always possible to take a different course than the one you supposedly decided upon.

An unfinished decision is like a weight hanging over you.  The decision ("do I or don't I") nags in your mind, causing your mind to weigh between different alternatives.  Indecision saps at your strength because of this.

A decision you haven't acted upon is also a weight hanging over you.  Supposedly your decision has become "when will I do  _____" but because you haven't acted upon the decision it's always possible, as we just said, to reverse your decision and take a different route.  Hence you now have two decisions hanging over you: "when will I", and "will I actually do it".

Perhaps it's better once you've made a decision to, well, "Just Do It".


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