Monday, April 4, 2011

Are you a "lighthouse of peace"? Are you engaging the power of your heart?

There's a lot of crazy things going on right now and it's easy to get lost in the turmoil and worries about which direction our world is going. Below I've pasted in a video expressing some spiritual teachings of the sort I've found useful in dealing with inner and outer turmoil. I'm sharing this hoping to remind a few people to seek ways to feel peace in these turbulent times, and to respond to the turbulent times with the power of centered decision making so that our society overall will make better decisions in these times.

The key meme they're presenting is "Wisdom Guiding Power" but I think they chose a weak way to demonstrate this concept. This concept of "wisdom guiding power" is what makes the difference between destruction and the construction of beauty.

Our society has created many powerful tools but tools don't have wisdom of themselves. You can use a hammer to bash things apart or you can use it to build a beautiful house.

In the video below they talk about a factoid that the Heart has the strongest electromagnetic field in the body. The Heart's electromagnetic field is way more powerful than the brain's. And therefore why do we focus on the brain and not the heart?

That's a great point.. put another way our society focuses on mental decisions, mentality, and the product of mental activity. A lot of wonderful things have been created that way, for sure. But something has been lost in our embrace of rational logic, and that's the emotional self. No matter how rational we become we have emotions and we have hopes, dreams, aspirations, as well as high spiritual potential. There is so much more to us than the mental field, but our society is only valuing output from the mental portion of our selves.

This is a deep split in our society. One way of interpreting the video below is a call to healing that split.

However the argument in the video is flawed. To understand why I want to show three analogies.

Electric motor driven equipment (drills and hand tools, electric vehicles, kitchen appliances, etc): Electric motors use electromagnetic fields to convert electricity to mechanical power. Trust me, there is zero wisdom in an electric motor, instead there's wires and a lot of heavy metal. In operation electric motors have power flowing through them, and the strongest electromagnetic field in, say, a power drill is in its motor. Does the electric field around the motor mean the motor has any wisdom? Nope.

Radio or TV stations: They have a tall tower, and a little building next to the tower. The primary electric field is emanating from the tall tower but the radio station could be transmitting static just as easily as it can beautiful music. Does the electric field emanating from the antenna mean the antenna has any wisdom? Nope.

Biomechanically the heart is an electrical pump: It takes electro-chemical power and converts it into a pumping motion to move blood around the body and keep us alive. Anatomically the heart looks like a pump with massive muscles etc. In the video they discount that interpretation of the heart and say that because it has a strong electromagnetic field the heart has wisdom etc.

I think this claim is flawed and misinterprets the model being looked at.

An electric motor does two things: a) primary purpose: convert electricity into mechanical energy; b) side effect is transmission of an electromagnetic field because that's what happens when you send electricity through a wire.

The motor, nor the radio tower nor the pump have wisdom to make decisions. They are tools used to control power. What sends the instructions for the control of that power? Just sending power into one of those gizmos doesn't mean they'll do anything useful, doesn't mean they won't cause destruction.

What's important is the quality of the instructions sent into the motor or the radio tower or the pump. It's the person pressing the trigger on a power drill that determines whether the drill is used to destroy, or used to construct beauty.

The wisdom to use power constructively will make all the difference to our world.

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