Friday, July 12, 2013

Open the door to abundance so more can flow

Are you open to receiving more in your life?  Supposedly the Universe around us is abundant, all we need do is open ourselves to receive from that abundance. The key is being open. Open to receiving.

Maybe you are walking through a parking lot and see a penny lying on the pavement. It might be old and tarnished but it is a penny. What do you do?  Do you snub your nose at this bit of free money?  Or do you bend over, pick it up, and thank the universe for bringing abundance your way?

That very thing just happened to me. An old corroded penny, lying on the pavement. At first I passed it by, but then thought to pick it up and acknowledge the universe for bringing me this gift.

Soon as I straightened up, I saw a quarter lying on the ground a little ways away. 

It was as if the universe were showing me, open the door to a little bit of abundance, and more abundance will follow. 

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