Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dan Phillips: Finding ones self by building creative houses from reclaimed stuff

What we really need to do is reconnect with who we really are.

Why should everything be the same? Why do we have rows of ticky-tacky houses lined up on the hillside, all the same? Why, despite all the brands of everything in the store, are all the products the same? Nature doesn't grow uniformity. Nature grows stuff based on localized needs and conditions.

Start two plants of the same species, but in different places, and the result will be plants who've adapted themselves to the local condition.

Organic growth patterns don't result in uniformity. They result in automatic adaptation and reuse of whatever is lying around.

A lot of waste in our society is because some things don't fit the supposedly desired uniformity. Say a window pane cracks on its way to the construction site. The construction foreman will reject the window because it's nonuniform and throw it on the trash pile. Wasted stuff.

Suppose a box of cereal is dented just before it's put on the shelf? The store manager might object and put it in a reject pile. Wasted stuff.

Wasted stuff is materials which went through the mining, extraction, shipping, fabrication, shipping process - and then were deemed unsuitable (nonuniform) and to be thrown away.

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