Thursday, March 27, 2008

Another reason to get rid of the belly fat: Dementia

Todays news has an article Another reason to get rid of the belly fat: Dementia which discusses recent research showing a connection between 'belly fat' and dementia. The article says the researchers don't understand the mechanism, but they've demonstrated there is a connection.

People with apple-shaped bodies are at greater risk of having too much visceral fat surrounding internal organs deep in the abdominal cavity....Researchers don't yet understand why visceral fat is particularly dangerous, but the fat is metabolically active and doctors think it may release toxins associated with atherosclerosis or plaque build-up in the brain that is apparent in people with Alzheimer's disease...

Study shows that a larger abdomen in midlife increases risk of dementia says the study is based on autopsies. That they measured several biomechanical characteristics and demonstrated higher rates of alzheimer's disease associated with large bellies.

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