Friday, August 4, 2006

Side Effects

Side Effects is a movie about the drug industry. Not the illegal drug industry, but the legal one, the one that controls the kind of medicine we can receive in order that they can continue selling us drugs.

You can buy it from who says: Plot Synopsis: KARLY HERT has spent the last ten years selling drugs...legally, that is. Although conflicted on a daily basis by the values within the pharmaceutical industry, and industry driven by profits at the expense of patients; Karly has been seduced by the golden handcuffs of corporate America. Enter ZACH DANNER, who convinces Karly to be true to her values and walk away from her lucrative but empty job. As their relationship blossoms, Karly devises a plan to get out. But leaving is never quite as easy as it seems...

A related movie is Money Talks - Profits Before Patient Safety. The maker of Side Effects raised so many concerns with that movie, that she turned to experts and produced this documentary. Plot Synopsis: Money Talks explores the many questions surrounding the ethical and societal implications of the marketing practices of the pharmaceutical industry. It is a gripping documentary that features interviews with key opinion leaders from Harvard, Columbia, UCLA and more. These experts frankly discuss pharmaceutical influence as it relates to consumers, physicians, research, the FDA and Capitol Hill.

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