Sunday, April 23, 2006

A Healing Experiment with Unconditional Love

The following event happened to me on the last weekend of September, 2003, while attending a class given by Vianna Stibal. The following experiment was done rather informally, though with good care to have fairly clear results. I believe it could be repeated in a more rigourous setting if someone chose.

In the room along with the class was a woman with a microscope doing "Live Blood Cell Analysis". The microscope also had a video monitor and VHS tape recorder allowing a record to be made. She also had pictures explaining various common blood conditions. The process was simple, she pricked my finger with a clean needle, collected some blood on a slide, mixed in a clear liquid, and put it under the microscope. I've since been told that in a clinical setting, live blood cell analysis uses multiple samples taken from different parts of the body. In this case the woman took only one sample, from my finger.

In my case the blood cells were clumped together in a way exactly matching one of these pictures. She explained this would happen through not drinking enough water or taking enough enzymes. Indeed, while I usually drink lots of water every day, I have phases of not drinking enough water, and that weekend in particular was another of these phases. Upon seeing my blood, and learning that I haven't been taking any "supplements", she offered me a spot in a little experiment.

They also choose a woman to also undergo this experiment, and she had some other blood condition than mine.

The next step was to bring us before the room and sit the two of us in chairs. A healer was chosen for each of us. The audience was instructed to invoke "Unconditional Love" sending it up into a cloud in the top of the room. The healers were simply instructed to bring the unconditional love into my body and the womans body, especially into the blood.

After doing this we went to the back of the room for another round of blood cell analysis. By the way, I really felt fabulous with receiving the unconditional love. I have had similar experiences at other times in other classes, and knew through experience that relaxing and receiving is The Thing To Do in such situations. It's not often that you have a chance to feel unconditional love beamed by a large group of people, and it's best to soak such chances for all they're worth.

In my case my blood "afterward" looked astonishingly different. Instead of clumped up deflated looking blood cells, they were nice and plump, perfectly round, and all flowing easily and freely through the blood. Further, I felt significantly better, more awake, more alive feeling, happier. And, I felt truly astonished to see my blood clearly so very different than before.

The woman had a somewhat different result. In the blood sample taken immediately, her blood showed the same conditions as before. Her and the woman doing the analysis sat together a long time working with issues and beliefs around accepting healing, and then they took a third blood cell sample from her. That one showed her blood as well changed to nice, plump, perfectly round and freely flowing blood cells.

In the woman's case this says even more than mine. Just think, they had two blood samples taken from her just minutes apart. The only difference, other than the 5-10 minutes, was that this working on issues and beliefs of being worthy of accepting healing. That's all it took, the clearing of beliefs, to cause the healing to sink in, and it showed up in the blood.

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