Thursday, August 25, 2005

U.S. getting fatter, faster

Obesity is a health issue. Obesity leads to more health problems. I know that, and yet my weight has ballooned. I'm starting to work on my weight issues, and will be writing about it in this section of my blog.

But, first, for your reading pleasure: US getting fatter, faster (By Lucy Sherriff Published Thursday 25th August 2005, The Register)

Yet another study showing what we already know - Americans are getting fat with the rate of increase rising.

Overall 64.5 per cent of the country is either overweight or obese. Projections suggest that this figure will rise to 73 per cent in the next three years, the BBC reports. We would have illustrated this with a pie chart, but fear this would only accelerate the crisis.

Obesity's official definition is to have a body mass index of 30, or more. You can calculate your BMI from the instructions on the following page:

Be warned that it is a British site, and you're expected to declare your weight in "Stone". Fortunately a quick Google search reveals some other sites:

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